Learn Why Insurance In Harsh Winter Weather Is Essential

If you live in an area that has very snowy conditions during the winter, you should need to have car insurance on your car, even if your jurisdiction does not require it. There are many dangerous accidents that take place on icy roads, and having the right coverage could make a huge difference in the amount of money you have to pay, if you are involved in an accident. Below is a guide to help you learn why having insurance in winter conditions is so important.

Covers Property Damage

If you are driving in icy conditions, the roadway will be slick and could cause you to lose control of your car. Your car could slide all over the road and end up taking out a light pole, electronic sign, or a metal road sign. When this happens, you will have to pay to have the items restored to their original condition. Many people do not realize how expensive signs and poles can be until they are forced to replace them. A warning sign can cost up to $18 for every square foot, while electronic signs can cost as much as $150,000 each. When a sign has to be replaced, you will be responsible for paying for not only the sign itself, but also the cost of labor and shipment of the sign and supplies. If you have auto insurance coverage on your car, it will cover the cost of the repairs, after you pay your deductible.

Covers Damage to All Vehicles

When you are driving on slick roads, the chances of being involved in an accident with other vehicles are very high. If you are driving down the road and are not able to stop before hitting the last car in a series of cars, you could be held responsible for the damage that is caused to all vehicles in the pileup. If you had been able to stop your car on time, the pileup would not have happened, which makes the law view the accident as being your fault. Your insurance company will pay for the damage done to every car, if you have your vehicle properly insured.

Covers Medical Bills     

If anyone is hurt in an accident that you caused, the medical bills that they incur will be your responsibility to pay. Many medical bills can be quite high, and being able to pay for them could be difficult for you to do out-of-pocket. The insurance company will pay for the other person's medical bills if you are involved in an accident.

There are many different types of car insurance available today. Take the time to access your options and choose the right one to suit your needs and your budget. Even minimal coverage will provide you with the protection you need.