Protect Your Musical Instruments By Purchasing Personal Insurance

Home insurance is something that almost all homeowners purchase, but there are times when this is not enough protection. If you own a lot of musical instruments, you may be surprised to learn that your home insurance policy may not fully cover these instruments. To get the coverage you need, you could purchase a personal insurance policy for them. If you are interested in personal insurance coverage for your instruments, you should find out exactly what the policy covers before purchasing it.

What Is Personal Insurance?

Personal insurance is simply an additional policy you can purchase for extra protection. To purchase it, you may need to have an existing home insurance policy in place, but this is not always necessary.

The difference between home insurance and personal insurance is that home insurance covers losses to normal things in a house, while personal insurance covers losses to certain items that are stated individually on the policy.

What Will It Cover?

When purchasing insurance for your instruments, you should ask the insurance agent what this policy will cover, and you are likely to hear that it will cover damage:

  • Due to water, humidity, or moisture in your house
  • From the instrument being dropped
  • If the instrument is lost or left somewhere while you are traveling
  • Due to a fire or natural disaster
  • If someone steals it

The next thing to find out is how much money will the policy pay if one of the instruments is damaged, lost, or stolen. The agent may tell you that the policy will cover the appraised value of each item. Because of this, you will need to list each instrument separately on the policy, and you will need to know exactly how much each is worth.

What Else Should You Know About Personal Insurance?

There are several other questions you may want to ask your insurance agent about this type of policy, and the answers will vary depending on the company you use, and the instruments you need to insure. Here are three important questions you may want to ask:

  1. What is the deductible amount?
  2. Are there any exclusions in the policy for coverage on the instruments?
  3. Will it be covered if I let someone else use it?

If your instruments are valuable and important to you, getting a personal insurance policy is a great idea. To get a quote for this or to learn more about how this can benefit you, call an insurance company today. To learn more, contact a business like Hermann Insurance Services Inc.