Black Skies Or Black Friday: Why Every Retail Business Needs Complete Casualty Insurance Coverage

As you're hustling to make your retail business ready for a blockbuster sale like Black Friday, the last thing on your mind is probably your store's casualty insurance coverage. But you really must pay attention to your insurance policy when you're expecting a crowd.

Crowds can turn ugly.

If the wrong situation sets off that horde of people waiting outside your store for the doors to open, a riot may ensue; people may get pushed into your building and injured; or worse, casualties could happen to your staff or customers.

In most cases, your standard business policy will cover riots and civil commotion, but you need to go over your policy prior to your big day to make certain.

Have supplemental coverage just in case.

Your business needs to regularly assess your risks of damages due to civil unrest, criminal activity, fire, and weather. Pay attention to any local rezoning proposals which will make your property more prone to flooding. As developers run out of land to improve, they may attempt to build on and pave over areas close to you that were in flood plains or that formerly absorbed storm water. This development, if approved, may cause overflow to rush onto your property. Is flood damage covered by your insurance, or do you need to have supplemental coverage?

Other extensions of coverage include compensation due to accounts receivable records damage, service charges from local fire departments, ingress and egress issues preventing customers from accessing your facility, and business interruption due to government orders including curfews or martial law.

Be aware and proactive.

Even with full coverage, you must be a responsible and aware business owner to do your part to protect your interests. Your role must include:

  • Briefing your staff on emergency procedures in the event of unrest.
  • Posting emergency exit and contact numbers in multiple highly-visible locations.
  • Having a proper first aid kit and CPR-trained staff.
  • Making certain no part of your facility or sales method incites rioting or looting.
  • Sending timely, periodic inventory-value statements to insurer as required.
  • Hiring extra security as mandated by ordinance and/or insurance policy.

You must call your insurance agent at the first opportunity after any altercation or commotion at your business. You'll need a police report to complete your claim, but in times of high civil unrest, that may take several days to accomplish. Call your insurance agent anyway to get your claim started and to obtain other assistance.

Your business casualty insurance agent is the best source of information about the levels of coverage your particular business must have. They'll go over the scope and limitations of available policies to help you choose the business insurance protection you need every day.

For more information, contact Donaghy Kempton Insurors or a similar organization.