Five Additional Coverages On Home Insurance Policies

When it comes to purchasing home insurance for your home, you may think that you are only purchasing coverage for your home if damages were to occur. However, home insurance policy can cover more than just damage to your home. Here are five additional coverages that home insurance policies can provide:

  1. Injuries to Your Family: If anyone living on your property is injured, your home insurance policy may cover the cost to care for their injuries. This type of coverage is usually provided if the injuries sustained were a result of a natural disaster that occurred and caused damage to the home, such as a fire, flood, earthquake, and more. When a claim is made to pay for the damages done to the home as a result of these types of situations, injury costs will also be covered, as well.
  2. Protection Against Claims: If a claim is made against you, your home insurance will help cover the costs that it takes to defend you. This means that the cost of hiring a lawyer will be covered, which can help ensure that your claim is won. It can be difficult to prove that you, as the homeowner did not neglect to prevent an injury that someone maintained on your property, which is why hiring a lawyer in this situation is important. 
  3. Covers Medical Costs of Person Injured: Anyone who is injured on your property will have their medical costs covered by your home insurance so that you don't have to worry about paying out of pocket. This can be helpful if you lose your claim to prove that the injury was their own fault and not your own. 
  4. Death Benefits: If you or a family member tragically dies in a fire on your property or because of any other natural disaster, most home insurance policies will provide death benefits. This includes coverage for the cost of a funeral service, burial costs, and sometimes even lost wages if that person was working. 
  5. Personal Property: Any personal property that is damaged as the result of a fire, flood, earthquake, or other natural disaster on your property, you will receive coverage to replace those items. This is helpful for damages to personal belongings, such as your laptop, televisions, and other expensive items. 

By knowing some of the additional coverage that home insurance provides, you can see why having some of the best coverage is so important in the end. For more information, contact companies like Olympic Northwest Insurance.