Is Your College Grad Struggling Financially Right After Graduation? The Perfect Gifts

If your son or daughter has recently graduated from college and they are strapped for money while trying to start a career, there are some gifts you can give them when the holidays roll around that will be invaluable. Instead of getting them luxury items or devices that they don't need, get them gifts that are going to make their life easier. Consider the following options to help them out when money is tight and they are struggling to pay all of their bills.

Work Wardrobe

When you want to work in the real world, you have to dress like a professional, you can't wear the same jeans and hoodie that was acceptable on campus. Get your graduate some high end professional clothing sets that they can mix and match. The higher the quality, the longer the clothes are going to last, and find items that are easy to care for so they don't have high dry cleaning bills. This can help them feel confident when starting their new job, and they may need a great suit for interviews.

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance isn't the most expensive bill that your child probably has to pay every month, but it may be a bill that they can't really afford. They need their auto coverage to get to and from work, and you don't want them to skip payments or fall far behind and lose their policy. Get them a year of paid insurance while they get on their feet, so they don't have to worry about this extra expense each month. For more information about auto insurance, visit Estabrook & Chamberlain Insurance Inc.

Electronic Upgrade

Is the graduate walking around with a phone that has a cracked screen, or the laptop that you got them a handful of years back when they first left for college? An electronic upgrade like a new phone, tablet or laptop can help them get started with their professional career, and it may be an item that they want to use for work to help their career.

These are just a few of the items that a new college graduate who doesn't have a lot of money can use, and you may want to ask them what is at the top of their need list before purchasing anything. They will appreciate that you are making things easier for them while they try to get adjusted to a real job and balancing a paycheck with all of their bills.