Information You Should Know About Your First Home Insurance Policy

Purchasing your first home also means it's time to secure your first home insurance policy. If you are familiar with renter's insurance, then you know that homeowner's insurance will protect the contents of your property. Unlike renter's insurance, it will also cover damage to the actual property and cover any liability if someone gets hurt on your property. The following guide will further help you understand your first homeowner's policy.

Need Renters' Insurance? 3 Tips To Choosing A Policy

If you are renting a property, one of the most important things you need to consider is purchasing renters' insurance. While an insurance policy is not required in order to move into a rental home, it is highly recommended in order to protect yourself in the event the home is lost to a catastrophe such as a flood or fire. The following are some steps to consider when choosing a policy:

Higher Auto-Insurance Rates: Another Consequence of Road Rage

Road rage isn't just about aggressive driving with which you violate traffic laws. The act involves an awareness that you are putting pedestrians, other drivers, and passengers in danger—an act that can get you convicted of a criminal offense. In fact, some states, like California, not only have special laws relating to road rage but also consider road rage a felony assault with a deadly weapon. If you want to avoid the insurance and other potential complications associated with road rage, it's important to know what kinds of behaviors constitute road rage, as well as the consequences you may face if you resort to road rage.

Tips For Saving Money On The Cost Of A Life Insurance Policy

If you are considering the purchase of a new life insurance policy but would like to save money on the cost of it, you will want to review the following suggestions. Steer Clear Of The Guaranteed Acceptance Policies While they might be tempting because the guaranteed acceptance policies do not require medical examinations, they tend to cost more money. This is because they are riskier for the insurance company because people can be much sicker than they realize, which could lead to a payout on the policy earlier than anyone might have expected.

Trying To Stop Smoking? When Should You Get Life Insurance?

If you've been a smoker for most (or all) of your adult life, you may have indefinitely postponed the purchase of life insurance due to the higher premium costs than those assessed on nonsmokers with similar health factors. Quitting smoking can help lower your insurance costs (as well as your health risks) forever -- but what if you're still in the process of quitting when you have your insurance policy quoted? If you're quoted or classified as a nonsmoker, will you be penalized or denied coverage if your blood tests positive for nicotine after your death?